View Full Version : You screw Hardcore mode.

12-13-2019, 09:06 AM
Why all changes are made in variant MVP(minimum viable product). Is there product managers are so bad or you do not have testers ?

I think the hardcore mode idea is very good. Of course, it does not borrow but it's nice that you want to add it. But why is it so fucked up at start. It was to be a completely separate character and meanwhile you can transfer loot from normal mode (extracted in DZ) as well as finish projects with items from normal mode. As a result, you can get money and materials too easily.

The worst, however, is that when you enter DZ you meet players with 30 lev in the world 0 (level levels 1-30) who wear a gear score of 500.
This is not a glitch because the game allows it.

Total carelessness from developers.