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    far cry 5 spawning map editor?

    so ive made a journey map that has 3 path ways so u get to choose wich direction u want to go, but the problem is when i started to put the enemy spawns on wave 2 only 12 of them spawn, so only one path way has enemies. is it impossible just to make all of them spawn at once ? and by the way the trigger for wave 2 is one dead. ive also tried 25%,50%,and 75% on all waves, does anyone know how to fix this problem
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    My experience with this bug:

    The spawn rate eventual slows down the map is populated by only 5-10 enemies it seems. Can still set up some really cool stuff if you test frequently but AI behavior in general is wonky and inconsistent. I think if you make your 3 separate paths far enough apart in space you can make all the enemies wave 1. You could also make Base 1 the base with all your wave 1 units, and then make your other bases more expansive so that as you fight through the game will be spawning the new enemies ahead of you. Sometimes spawned AI will not react to stimuli of any kind. It's quite odd.
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