Pierwszy serwer testowy Operacji Para Bellum zostanie uruchomiony już dzisiaj, w czwartek 5 lipca, o godzinie 11AM EDT / 3PM UTC / 17:00 CEST i zostanie zamknięty jutro, 6 lipca o godzinie 4PM EDT / 8PM UTC / 22:00 CEST

Poniżej znajdziecie listę zmian i poprawek, które będą testowane podczas tej fazy.

Twitch Drone will now temporarily disable bulletproof cameras when shooting the front part of them.
When Valkyrie has thrown all her Cameras, she can't connect to them with the gadget button.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed - Under certain circumstances, sights shake in ADS.
Fixed - Maestro's Evil Eye loses its functionality after attempting to pick it up from higher ground.
Fixed - If Evil Eyes are destroyed when Maestro is controlling it, he won't be able to shoot.
Fixed - Player can fall out of world at Peaceful Tree on skyscraper.
Fixed - When shooting at the gadget through Alibi's hologram, players get detected.
Fixed - A defender can't identify any Attacker via hacked camera if any Attacker is using this same hacked camera.