So I've been playing recently The Division for sake of the shields and unlocks for upcoming game and I realized that in DV1 there was a bonus for those who bought game in pre-order or with Season Pass etc.
You've got special weapons and equipement sets.
The thing is those are pretty useless. Because with or without them the gameplay in those early levels is always the same.
And once you reach the cap and just keep mastering the game and you remember you paid to get those items you realize that those are utter disappointment and you wasted your money (item wise).

So what I'm suggesting is make those items scale to the player. But let say... When player reaches lvl 30 those items will be top tier as much as high-end/exotic can be, but un-optimizable. So those items will prove usefull through out the game, but after reaching the end game and grinding the gear level it won't.

In short. Exlusive items shouldn't be set for just one level and be exlusive through out the game except the end level of the game.