Hello everyone,
Recently my gaming laptop started using only integrated graphics card for siege (as well as every single other game); my Laptop is a gaming laptop:

16gb RAM
intel core i7-8750H CPU
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti

since the start all the games I play have been running smoothely and without any problems, but recently my pc due to unknown to me reasons started dropping frames and lagging across all the games I play including siege, I noticed that my laptop started using only integrated graphics for my games; I set the preferred graphics to high performance nvidia in NVIDIA control panel, did that also specifically for all the games; I even tried disabling my integrated graphics but then when I turned on the game it started running from my CPU and still used 0% of my dedicated graphics card.

I have then decided to format my PC, I have deleted everything from my laptop and reset it to its initial state, at the same time resetting all of the settings as well, I redownloaded my graphics drivers and my laptop started doing the same thing; still using the integrated card which is from the CPU; I run a stress test on my graphics card and it seemd to be working just fine so I have no idea what the problem is.

Please help me as I am unable to play any games as my integrated card gives me really low frames.