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    Game is not in library


    I have a problem, I've bought a produkt - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla via ubisoft Store, and even tho I recieved confirmation on my email, there is still no sign of the game being added to my account. Could u please fix that soon, since I wanted to preload it ASAP ? Never had that problem until the upgrade to ubisoft connect, so I bet it's that Thanks in advance

    And sorry if that thread is there somewhere already, I've found one but it was closed
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    Hey, you are not alone, I have the same issue. Bought it 6h ago, still I can't see it in my library.
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    Me 2 i dont know what to do
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    Got the same problem, I don't know what to do. First time I got this problem, and ofc support isn't responding
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    Brak gry opŁata pobrana 2 razy !

    Płaciłem kartą, wywaliło mi, że płatność nie może zostać sfinalizowana, to spróbowałem drugi raz i wyskoczyło to samo. Teraz mam 2 blokady na kwotę 249,90 zł - pobrało mi dwa razy za zakup tej samej gry, a gry nie mam w ogóle.
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    I have the same issue. If you guys solve the problem, please response what to do
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