It is now a week that I have no cc silver pack activated in game for the Crew 2, can not open a ticket on support web page as it is constantly loading while trying, no response on support messenger on FB and no response on any tweets. I have bought the silver pack on Friday 27.11.2020 along with silver pack for The Division 2 and starter pack for The Crew 2 and both The Division 2 and The starter pack were added to the games but the silver pack for The Crew 2 is still not active in the game. It is now over a week with no response from anyone at Ubi Support and no credits that have been paid for active in game and of course money spent but for nothing. As much as I can understand some delays due to the overall situation, as I work in It with tickets as well (not quite support but anyway), the one week without any response is starting to be getting on my nerves.

Please help.